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I'm intentionally avoiding any news from the Luna Sea show in Germany, I don't want to know what they're performing before Saturday <3

(...and please don't tell me anything <3)

Having been lucky enough to see Sugizo live twice, I think THE PLAN is to aim for Inoran & J's side of the stage. I love you, Sugizo, but I will never be closer to you than I was at the Juno Reactor concert, and that's okay.

(but mostly rant)

Songs I am Fairly Certain They Will Perform, and I will LOSE MY SHIT
gravity (PV Link)
No surprises here. I will seriously lose my mind when they play this. I have always been a sucker for a beautiful rock ballad, and this is Inoran's masterpiece for me. I love this song like I love cute boys and gummi bears, and I really love both those things.

Rosier (PV Link)
I love all their albums, natch, but if I had to Desert Island it, "Mother" would probably be the one I'd take with me (... and then try to recreate the other albums with coconut shells and palm tree guitars). The PV is hilarious, but as a song Rosier still holds up pretty damned well. I wonder how many pairs of panties I can fling at J during the spoken portion before I get dragged away by security...?
(Also, how hot is J with that orange hair in the PV? Damn, that was a good look for him. Everyone else, VK LOLZ, but J, NICE.)
VEGAS ODDS on me coming home with an "I am the Trigger" prison tattoo: VERY GOOD

Wish (acoustic ver.)
... this one is a no-brainer, they always perform Wish. I will do my best to be energetic, as is appropriate, and not sob uncontrollably, as is likely.

Songs that are Rather Likely, and it's Gonna Be Rad
Tonight (PV Link)
... I'm going to be a little bummed if there isn't actually a wind machine on this one. [sniffles] Inoran and I can finally bond over having to play nothing but upbeats for an entire song. This song will be the most exhausting 3 minutes in the concert!

In Silence (PV Link)
And Ringo will see nothing but Falcor flying through the clouds, while Sugizo's fingers catch fire.

Long Shots, but DAMN a girl can DREAM
Moon (Live Link)
I'm holding out a little hope on this one, since the guys seem to like this one, buuuut it didn't make it on "Period" so I won't be too surprised. But man, I'm a sucker for a rock song in 6/8. UNFFF

Forever & Ever (Live Link, Part 2)
... because when is the last time a drum solo made you cry?

Genesis of Mind (Live Link)
Does Sugizo even still OWN the guitar necessary to play this song? [rolls eyes] (Anyway, yeah, I clearly love all their Long Proggy Unsellable tracks. Any one of them would be BLISS.)

RA-SE-N (Live Link)
The guys haven't played as a unit since 2007, and they're going to dive into a song in 5/4? LOLLERSKATES. (Same goes for "Be Gone". Also, what band records TWO SONGS in 5-beat time signatures?) But damn it's a good song, and the only one they ever seem to have to work at ;)

Now in ALL honesty, I am an addict for every song they've ever recorded, and I'm really looking forward to whatever they choose to perform. Seriously.

EEEEEE I'm getting choked up. Time to cut this off.

I will probably get arrested for public indecency. Please hold a bake sale to raise bail money for me. Thanks guys. <3
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