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Rockstar sewing

Taking a break from my usual costume stuff (gottthhhhh ponchooooo), I decided to tailor my Luna Sea concert hoodie.

Big hoodie is big!

By the time I got to the front of the merch counter, they only had Large-sized hoodies left. I bought it anyway, but it swims on me, and not really in a "Cute Oversized" sort of way. More in the "I'm hiding a pregnancy" sort of way. Comfy, but I'm going to wear the shit out of this! Let's slim it up.

I didn't want to harm any of the text on the back or the sleeves, of course, and redoing the cuffs would have been a much bigger project than I was interested in. So we're going the Lazy Route!

Tokidoki fits nice
I love the fit on this Tokidoki sweatshirt, so I'm using it as my general pattern. If you had an actual sewing pattern, that'd work okay too, but I already know this one fits like I want.

Step 1, do your best Mac impression and tear the sleeves off. Sorry, concert merch! I am destroying you for a good cause. I also undid about half of the sleeve seam (from the armpit to the elbow), to make it easier to reinstall them later.

... do not be distracted thinking that the double-layered pink&black hoodie is actually kinda cute NO WE ARE ON A MISSION.
Layering the two hoodies lets me see just how much I'm going to be taking out of the side seams, and the shoulder seams.

Chalk time
I marked up the new side seams to match the Tokidoki hoodie. As you can see, I'm taking a lot out, plus I'm totally reshaping the armhole. It's really simple, because I'm just making it match my pattern. Don't forget to leave a seam allowance when you cut off the excess.

Shoulder seams redone
After I cut off most of the excess fleece, there's a giant hole in each side seam now. (Like I said, I didn't want to redo the ribbed cuffs, so I left the bottom intact.) I shortened the sleeves a bit, and sewed them back into the armhole. I actually ended up taking it in another half inch before I was ready to move on to the side seams... trial and error!

So much better!
I finished up by sewing the side seams up, and closing that last bit of sleeve seam that I'd opened. Everything got a second set of stitches to help it survive in the washing machine, and project is done!

Finished product
It's still cute and long, but now I actually have a body under there! :D And it looks kinda cute with leggings, hmm, that might happen someday :3

Fun easy project, and it only took a few episodes of 30 Rock to accomplish. Love you, Luna Sea!
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