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Makoto's Journal

始まりを考えても 意味がない

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zazie likes kitties
The Senshi Gakuen

始まりを考えても 意味がない

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zazie likes kitties
Heeee, sliding in stocking-feet on my new hardwood floors is AWESOME. <3

Fashion Show this Saturday! I'm helping out, serving cupcakes and helping the models get on the runway. I'm excited to see everyone's outfits. All are welcome!

Work on Noir costume continues... poncho is done, now for the hat and neck piece. Hrrrnnn. I'm a bit perturbed with the Letter Bee anime at the moment, I'm not fond of the story changes. It's been dumbed down considerably. Fukuyama Jun's acting has been stellar, the director needs to trust his nuances more. There's too much Old Men Standing Around Having Stilted Conversations Solely for Exposition and not enough "OMG, THAT LITTLE SMILE, THAT IS ALL I EVER WANTED". I appreciate that Reverse has been pleasantly Filler-Free, but give me some time to chew on the new developments. Let them sink in, before you destroy my heart utterly.

Also, the new opener is almost insultingly bad. Not the song, the song's great; the sequence is all recycled footage. I was appalled, until I saw the new ender, by Kobayashi Osamu, which is clearly where all their money went. It's whimsical and adorable and I forgive them. :D

Also also, I need to stop listening to "Motor Cycle" by Bump of Chicken. It is consuming me.
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