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Makoto's Journal

3 Nice Things, and 1 Depressing One

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The Senshi Gakuen

3 Nice Things, and 1 Depressing One

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First, the Bad:
I just called United and cancelled my trip to Tokyo.
There are a lot of reasons to cancel, and one obvious reason I wanted to go anyway.
But it's done. There will be other times.

Minako-chan, you hang in there, tough girl.

Now, the Better:
I was officially promoted to supervisor today. Hopefully, this will be a great step for my career, although one I was hesitant to make. Still gotta be on call, though. Darn. ;)

I bought the bunnies a new home today, since they've been displaced by the kitchen remodel. They'll now be crashing in Kaoru's bathroom, in the Room of Shame. This must inspire me to keep the RoS tidier so they can hop around without disappearing into piles of fabric. My only real concern is training Kenken to use a ramp up to their house, since he's just so preciously dumb.

And Gundam Fridge now has a new door to replace the scratched one! These deliverymen were much, MUCH more conscientious than the first crew. I appreciated it a lot, I'll call the store and compliment them.

Now, I'm going to go have a glass of wine and a hot bath (and hopefully not eat a pint of Depression Ice Cream, but no promises).
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