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Fanime Con Report

Super long long report! Man, I just won't shut up! Also, image heavy! The creepers have warned you!
Creepers gonna creep

Thursday (in which I am a DIVA, and there is a hunt for BOOZE)
Teca picked me up at my house very early in the morning to head to DIA, because she is super sweet. <3 She hadn't gotten much any sleep, but she was still cheery! Plane ride was uneventful, and we cabbed it to the hotel around 10am.

Since I still have status with Marriott, I figured I'd try to check us in early. I had also requested a low floor; they had a room on the 6th floor reserved for us. 6th floor isn't bad, I could handle 5 flights of stairs because I hate convention elevators. I hate Nazis, con elevators, and sewing notched collars, in that order.

Teca and I get up to the room and it's....
.... well, it's a little depressing. It's smaller than last year, and the view is Le Terrible. Last year we'd had a gorgeous view of the fountain and all the hubbub. This year: brick wall and half an alley. Feeling uncharacteristically gutsy, I went down to the front desk to see if a swap was possible, since very few other con-goers had shown up yet.
Front Desk: "Yeaaaaah, no. No swaps. We're way too swamped."
Me: :<

So Teca and I dutifully unpack in our Kinda Depressing Room, being as efficient as possible since we were going to have 4 cosplayers in there and yikes. I look for an ironing board; nada. I called for more towels; they never arrived. I grabbed a soda and plopped down into the upholstered chair, and kept plopping. The seat was broken. Kinda Depressing Room has become Comically Bad. But whatev; VACATION WILL BE RAD ANYWAY. Teca grabbed some handsewing, I grabbed my DS, and we lined up for registration a little after 3.
Teca doing some final work on Durand

The reg line was already pretty long! But it opened right on time at 5, and we were finished around 7. Aya and Dahlia met up with us and there was lots of hugging. And cocaine. :D
Good thing none of us actually know how to do this

We went for dinner at Pizza My Heart, since googlemaps said it was on the way to the liquor store. :3 Some nerd dudes stole our pizza and we ended up sitting there starving for 45 minutes. I am officially Getting Discouraged. But the eventual pizza was tasty and we did find the liquor store (across the street from a playground; my favorite sort of skeeze). It's okay! This weekend is still going to be fun! \(=3=)/*

Back at the hotel, the "Elite" concierge was at her post, so I took the opportunity to put on my Diva Pants and explain that my arrival experience had definitely not been up to par. (It is very hard for introverts to be complainers, so Dahlia and her Dad kindly cheered me on from the sidelines.) Elite lady runs off and returns with the manager, who offers me the Executive Suite on floor 3. LOL OKAY YES PLEASE. I call up Teca, we haphazardly repack all our shit, and relocate to LOL YAY BIG ROOM. Two bathrooms, two closets, a useless, poorly-lit boudoir. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP. Aimee arrives, followed by Ringo, and things are DEFINITELY looking up! <3

Friday (in which there are GUNS, and CRAZY eyes)
First gathering of the con, Valkyria Chronicles!
We had breakfast up in the concierge suite and watched Gaga on Good Morning America. Then I layered all the bajillion pieces of Isara and laughed at myself for a while. I bought toric colored contact lenses for my costumes this weekend, and I loved it. It was more than I should have spent, but I've gotten really attached to having appropriate eye-color when it's notable for the character... anyway, I was pleased.

The gathering was nice! We all had very similar blues, so it was a nice passable group. :D The gathering coordinator used us as guinea pigs to teach her official-photogs some tricks for this year. Poor Hans was attacked for the sake of art! Al took a ton of great photos of us and I'm looking forward to going through them. Teca looked super hot in the Vyse costume :3
Valkyria peeps

Suzy and Rosie


Ringo, Dahlia and I did a video shoot with Ackson; it took a lot of takes (clouds kept moving, timing was tough, and Ringo's legs are hella long) but it was an entertaining experience. Turn-based battle strategy games, lol. It was getting late, so after we dropped off the weapons in the room, we went for bentos and burritos. The owner of the Bento place took a photo of me and Dahlia, and then asked if she could put it on her board; there was already a photo of us up there, from last year (she was Ranka, I was Reala). Boba places all across the country love us, yo.

I was having lots of fun in Isara, but it was approaching Letter Bee Gathering time, so we changed. I feel a bit sad I didn't bring Bee Gauche, but Noir is weirdly imposing so he's fun too. I'd made a few improvements from Wasabi, which helped the belts stay in place.

I thought the gathering was at 6, buuuuut there was just me and Dahlia which didn't seem quite right. We gave up to just go to the dealer's room... when out emerge Letter Bee cosplayers! Apparently the gathering was at 6:30, glad we didn't miss it. Small gathering is small XD
Letter Bee kids
I was only half-kidding when I said I was going to take Roda and go hunting for the few Bees wandering around the con. We took some photos, and met up with Aya, wearing Aya! She and I were probably the only warm ones... note to self: do not worry about bringing layered costumes to this con.
Roda freezes to death
It is not warm. You will be fine.

Katie Bair's wig panel was late-night in our hotel, so we prepped our can-wine
(actually, raspberry rum and ginger ale)
and enjoyed the hell out of the panel. XD

Saturday (in which there is RAIN but also JUMPING and SHOUTING)
Teca and Aimee had craftsmanship judging early Saturday morning, so they rushed off to that while I dragged my slightly-hungover butt to the H&A Fashion Show. It was a cute show, the models were super bouncy and the outfits were fun.
Runway Show
Only complaint, I wish the music hadn't looped so many times, it was distracting D:

Dahlia was totally hilarious in her Musical Shinji costume. Too bad she didn't get to meet Mizushima-sensei, I'm sure he would have loved her. XD

After a little shopping and DDR (how cute was random_karen!), we grabbed lunch at Pita Pit and changed for the Flow concert. I wore Regular Eureka last year, so this year was Teddy Bear Helmet Eureka!
Dahlia kindly transported the Ref Board for me, since it's pretty important to the outfit. Otherwise, the helmet looks, er... special? Anyway, I'm super happy with the outfit. The wig dyed to just the color I wanted, and the dye didn't all run off when I sweated for my life in the concert!
Tight white pants make me lol

It rained a bit while we were waiting in line, so I hid under the board until Dahlia's Dad rescued us with umbrellas. Aya and her sister pregamed for us with plenty of Flow tunes on their phones. :3
Waiting in line!

The concert was super-packed, but we had pretty good seats, and I was optimistic that Aya would be able to get better spots once the Yuya fans left. The sound mix was so-so... Yuya's backing tracks were WAY too high, whereas Flow could have been louder (they seemed to correct that a little ways in). Teca, Aimee, and sakurae (yaaay so good to see you!) came to join us in the concert craziness.

Matsushita Yuya sure is pretty! I enjoyed the performance. His dancers worked hard. I liked the Kuroshitsuji musical number too, that was a nice touch. He was charismatic, and have I mentioned Pretty? Like a Dollfie.

The Flow concert was, as expected, AWESOME. They are unfailingly energetic and demand the same in return. XD I don't even know what to say about it other than I hope Fanime keeps bringing them, and I'll keep going to the concerts in Eureka costumes XD

Post-concert, in total exhaustion, I lazily ordered pizza delivery and we sprawled out on the floor and committed carbicide.

Sunday (in which there are STILETTO heels which got me in TROUBLE)
Uggggh, concert hangover~~~
But I didn't wear Grace at Wasabi due to a hangover, so damn if I will be denied again!
Furuya Tohru's Q&A session was at 10am, as was the Johnny's Entertainment panel. The other girls went to Johnnys, I went to Furuya-san, and we'd reconvene later. <3
I saw Furuya-san at Expo years ago, but was denied an autograph because the line got too long and he ran out of time. I was not going to lose this year!
Anyway, he's lovely and friendly, of course. The questions were mostly adorable, except for perhaps the 10-minute extremely-specific rant about an episode of GTO (Furuya-san answered it quite smoothly). He did lots of line recitation requests, culminating in him directing an audience-participation skit involving a Sailor Moon cosplayer and a dude in a t-shirt. I SORT OF DIED.

Furuya-san was selling clear files for Earthquake Relief, and buying a hot photo of one of my teenage idols is the most painless sort of charity. Sweetening an already sweet deal, he was holding a special autograph session if you bought one, so [throws money frantically at the staffers]

I ran to change into my Macross costume and headed down to line up for the autograph session.
Ufufufuu tentacles

I ended up next to the cute gay guy who had asked Furuya-san to date him (well, maybe he wasn't gay; a lot of guys are gay for Amuro, right?) which is really the best person to end up next to at an event like this. They only had an hour, so the staffers took photos of each person with Furuya-san before starting the autographs. OMG, HUGS FROM FURUYA-SAN, DEAD FROM HAPPY. I'm also in 5-inch stilettos, so our height difference is only exaggerated XD totally didn't intentionally smoosh him to my bosom
I shall never wash that boob again

I got a couple autographs [winks at Minako-chan], then the audience all sat for a little talk session where he talked about Japan's hard times, and then did some more line requests to genki everyone up. It was amazing and fangirly and totally made up for my sad Expo experience :D

The Flow Q&A was sort of... faily. They really should have screened questions, because between the awkward "Why didn't you do the Eureka movie song" and "I'm the world's most self-absorbed Naruto cosplayer", there wasn't much time for good ones. Oh well, the guys were funny and charming.

Then, Macross times! My girls looked super hot. I'm excited for Teca to join us soon <3
My clients are some sexy bitches

They got creeped on. I did nothing to protect them.

We did another video with Ackson, then went to grab some dinner before hitting the masquerade and ball.
There are a lot of photos like this
But we were boozing, and not at all efficient, and ended up missing the masquerade entirely. The videos look amazing though, guys, and it was awesome to congratulate people in the main hall! <3 You all are incredible. <3 Congrats you guys!!! singingraisin, I'm like crazy excited for you :3

Dahlia and Ringo did ParaKiss for the ball, and were generally lovely as always!
Weird prom photo

I was almost barred from the Ball because my shoes were so pointy. I did not catch that in the dress code; I assured them I would not be dancing and would therefore not injure anyone, nor (more importantly I'm sure) scratch their rented floor. There is no arguing with the Butterfly. ;)
Where is my man furniture?

To close the evening, drinking wine in the hotel bathtub. CLASSY.

Monday (in which there is SADNESS but also DONUTS)
It's always nice to stay an extra day to fully enjoy the last day of con, but alas we all had to get back to work on Tuesday. So Monday meant checkout; so, so grateful for that 3rd floor room, since we just schlepped luggage down the stairs rather than wait for [bristle] a con elevator.

I attempted in vain to purchase an artbook, before realizing I have dozens, and there was nothing new there to buy. [winces at self] Then there was a lot of sitting and resting angry feet; we got to meet up with more awesome peeps (so glad we caught you, muralasa!!) before we had to be at the airport. Nutella Psycho Donut was delish.

Then we rode home in an airplane full of cosplay nerds. XD COSPLAY PARTY IN THE BACK, Y'ALL (actually, we mostly snoozed; party next time.)
Airport shenanigans

... That was a lot of photos of alcoholism. Well, it sure was a good time, and I miss everyone already~~ and looking forward to Dragon*Con big time! <3
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