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Wow, super past time to update.

Fanime was so Terribad Disappointmentpants, it drained me of my ability to write.

Sleepy Oshawott is Sleepy

Cool things about Fanime:
+Shopping by the glow of smartphones when the power went out at the liquor store.
+Got a room on the 5th floor of the Marriott. Since the elevators inevitably broke, this was nice!

Cute girlfriend eating crepes
+Romantic day-trip to San Francisco with Girlfriend! New People, Kinokuniya, lots of mochi, crepes, melon soda, bliss.

+Brunch at the Fairmont! Fabulous cow art!
+Dustin is level-upping his photog skills! Thanks for all the shots <3

Wall of photos
+The owner of Hydration remembers us every year. She's so sweet! (I think she knew we were meant to be together before we did!)

Purpey helps with STD education
+Awesome artist alley. So much talent in that room. Alpacavengers!

Love you guys!
+And most of all, wonderful peoples. <3

Terribad things about Fanime:
-Pretty much everything.
Reg line, convention center construction, embarrassing guest list, reg line, luggage storage, reg line, power outages, cancelled panels, not getting to compete in the masq, reg line, Homestuck cosplayers with unsealed body make-up, protesters, reg line, Em's badge got stolen, Fanime staffers complaining about attendees in front of attendees... it was truly complete failsauce.

Friends are wonderful, but this was an expensive trip and the convention offered me nothing but frustration. Disneyland has long lines too, but at least you get to do something fun at the end of it.

Anyway, I debuted two new costumes:
Homura (Madoka Magica)
Boxy costume is boxy.
Sakura (Jade Country Emeraude Variant, Tsubasa)
[Photos by Dustin Leitzel]

In June, we ran the Costume Contest at the first Denver Comic-con.
Glitter glue
It was a totally amazing event! The team behind the convention are all great peoples and I was so happy we could help them. Next year, bigger and better!
Dahlia meets her tattoo
(Also looks like the next one will be the weekend after Fanime, so I have an airtight reason to avoid that con. Yay!)

Becky and Matt came to visit, which was fabulous. <3 We must go eat more great food together soon!

Emily is in Prague for the month, so now I spend most of my time missing her. D:

Here's the stuff I'm working on for Dragon*Con, which is OMG HOW DID IT GET SO CLOSE:

Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time, Susan Strong episode)
*Buy wig bun attachment
*Attach wig bun
*Attach lace to pink cardigan
*Make dress
*Quilt petticoat
*Add closure to bag
*Make pink candy guy for bag pocket
*Pink tights

Fluttershy (My Little Pony, casual version)

Mr Freeze (Lilacwire's Batman Masquerade)
*Fur collar

Tony (Ladyvengers)
*New dress
*Install arc reactor in dress

Also also, my little brother just got engaged. <3 So proud of him! His fiancee seems really nice. He made a comment about me being a bridesmaid. I gave him the stink eye. XD
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