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It's that time again!

Drumroll please!

Rebecca's 6th Annual NDK Birthday Party


I'm encouraging everyone to MAKE UP A PRINCESS.
Pick something you like (or just something around your house), throw together an outfit themed around it, and BAM, YOU ARE NOW THE PRINCESS (or prince, whatevs, Fionna needs love too) OF [INSERT ITEM] KINGDOM.

(Whatever you come up with could not possibly be weirder than the actual princesses.)

Date: Saturday September 15th
Time: 8:00pm
Location: My room at the DTC Marriott (room number TBA)

Please RSVP so I can estimate cake&booze stock (and let me know if you have any food or drink requests).

Love you guys, looking forward to partying with you all! <3

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Let's Being Positive!

Last week was rough... found out I was going BACK to Philly for another week later this month. I was so melodramatically depressed about this I had to take a day off work to chill. SO! Rather than focus on the bad, I'm bullet-pointing happy things to get me through the rest of the month!

Things I am looking forward to about PHILADELPHIA:
*Earning more Marriott points! There's another free night stored away for the future~~
*Crepes! I will be working the evening/night shift mostly, so I can stop by the Reading Terminal Market before I go in. That means delicious food like crepes and Amish pretzels and chocolates shaped like the Liberty Bell! (Disclaimer: I have not actually eaten any chocolate shaped like the Liberty Bell.)
*Helping people! Because I really do love my job and I want the new lab to be successful and go on to save many lives.

Things I am looking forward to about DRAGON*CON:
*The Akira exhibit! Akira (along with Aa Megamisama) was the manga that taught me how to read manga. Why are the word bubbles placed so oddly? Who the hell is talking? What is that droplet thing on Kaneda's head? Why is it all in black and white? Unlike most of the nerds of our generation, Minako-chan and I took a long time to see the movie, partially because we were CHOU IN LOVE with Iwata Mitsuo and Sasaki Nozomu at the time (greeeeeeeenwooooooood) and refused to watch the movie dubbed. It was challenging to find in Japanese. Anyway, this is still some of the finest hand-drawn animation ever and I should totally go buy the Blu-Ray right now (even if I don't have a Blu-Ray player lol, I will just spin it quickly on my finger).
*Swell guest list! I don't think there are any autographs I need (Minako-chan, please correct me if I'm wrong!) but there's a whole slew of cool people and I look forward to seeing them. Am I going to try to poop out a True Blood costume just because...? Maybe!
*Food! I love Ninfas, Margaritas and Mexican food are the best way to cool off in Hotlanta. The Diner is always interesting, with its weird crowd and giant slices of cake. And I wish all conventions had a Peachtree equivalent.
And most of all,
*ROLLING WITH MY LADIES because I cannot wait to laze around with my kickass roomies and drink and enjoy sweet vacation.

Things I am looking forward to about NDK:
*Turning AWESOMELY OLD! My birthday is Sunday the 12th. Crazy! :D Party announcement soon!
*New costumes! I've been working hard on new outfits and I'm excited to debut them. ... and hang out in the bar. :D Or maybe playing Rock Band, who knows!
*Shopping! Fingers crossed for stupid Letter Bee tie-ins! [crosses fingers]
*.... neat guests? NDK has really wowed me with some droolworthy seiyuu and artist guests, and I really hope they do it again! :D

Happy Birthday to Me!

minakokouchou here, hijacking Mako-chan's livejournal to wish her a very merry birthday!! I considered changing her entire journal to something in neon orange, but then I realized that most people would probably read this through their friends lists, so I'll provide my annoying birthday wishes like this instead:

Happy Birthday Mako-chan!!!

Congrats on surviving another year. Miss you lots! Kiss kiss! Hug hug!!