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Big black ball

Last night Dahlia and I watched the world premiere of the movie version of Gantz.

I was worried there would be a lot of people, so I showed up an hour early. This was totally unnecessary, as the theater eventually had about 20 people in it. Dahlia was very kind not to poke fun at me for this.

She sat down, and looked at me very seriously as she said "I have a confession. I've never read the manga or watched the anime."
I laughed, because I hadn't either.

All I knew about this movie going in was
B) Nino-kun.

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At the end, Nino asked for everyone to come see part II, and said he and Mat-chan would endeavor to speak more English next time. "But if it doesn't work out... gomen ne~? ♥" and I swear you could HEAR THE HEART MARK.

Nino: "That photo in the old album was actually me. I was around 12."
Me: "Oh god. I think I remember when he was 12."
Dahlia: "... ... and now you're on a list."

T minus 2 days!!!

My bunnies are coming soon, waku waku XD

Their home is prepared!

Here's their new home, all set up! The cage is great and HUGE so they should have plenty of hopping room. :)

Since I don't have any more photos of them, watch videos of their Sanrio bunny family instead:

If you speak French, this is probably easy to watch; I have to read the Japanese subtitles, which is just kind of sad.

The Sugarbunnies anime OP. It'll make you vomit.

Videos from the official site:
Stop-motion for the win! This one reminds me of Princess Tutu, except with magic food-making bunnies. (I like the glass-blowing bunnies, I thought they were going to light themselves on fire o_o)

A weird psychedelic bunny vid. When they skip down the road, I die inside. (These are my favorite Sanrio characters, in case you couldn't tell XD)

Happy Birthday to Me!

minakokouchou here, hijacking Mako-chan's livejournal to wish her a very merry birthday!! I considered changing her entire journal to something in neon orange, but then I realized that most people would probably read this through their friends lists, so I'll provide my annoying birthday wishes like this instead:

Happy Birthday Mako-chan!!!

Congrats on surviving another year. Miss you lots! Kiss kiss! Hug hug!!
i heart mwu and he hearts me

free bagels? i'm there!

I got a flu shot this morning, and it's just a little sore. Now the Government can read my thoughts again since I wasn't allowed to get one last year. ^_^ Cheers! We had a cute little health fair at work. It's fun to see people in scrubs getting medical info from other people in scrubs. My BMI and body fat percentage continues to be excellent, which I have serious trouble believing. B-but I love cake, and sitting on my bum! Yup, cake and sitting are pretty damned great.

And speaking of cake and sitting, I made a mock-up of a bodysuit pattern last night. The mock-up is made of muslin (aka no stretch at all), and it fits pretty snugly... my current Plan of Attack is to fit the final product to my body once the basics are assembled. Will I be cursing soon? Quite possibly! Yay for learning new things. XD Oh right, I need to order wigs this weekend...

My co-workers are discussing going to a 10 hour shift 4 days a week schedule, instead of our standard 5 day 8 hours. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I can see both sides of the argument, and my current opinion is... "hmm". ;^_^ I'm trying to make a decision on a condo right now, I can't make work-related decisions too. XD