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Bike riding

I am back in my element, working on an organ donor case! It's been...

... well, it's been a while. The last time I used the "donor" tag was August! I haven't been on call much since I've spent so much time in Philly, but since I'm back in town, I'm back in the rotation. I was on call last night as well, but only had to field a few phone calls. Tonight's the real thing! I was GYAA SUPER PANIC TIME when I got the call, since I'm out of practice and thought for sure I'd fall all over the place, buuuuuuuuuut so far so good. :) We'll see how my DNA looks, that'll be the real benchmark.

I listened to the Ririka opener on the way in to genki myself up to save some lives :D

AND I've got a coupon for a free Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwich, so even if I work all night (likely) I've got FREE NOMS.

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Annoyed Murrue icon is annoyed! I had to skip my dinner-date with the gorgeous darth_teca because of work stuff. :( I'm sorry, Teca! I hate being stuck at work on a Friday night. x_x

The income is welcome, seeing as I just bought a new car AND had some surprise bunny-bills to deal with, but... the weekend is off to a somewhat rough start.
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It sounded like a dying giraffe

Sonic's caramel latte tastes like Nescafe with a shot of espresso in it. Now that I think harder on this, that's probably exactly what it is.

The caffeine is doing a nice job of keeping me awake, since I am STILL AT WORK blargh. Actually, I did get a power nap this afternoon (thank goodness, because jetlag has me waking up at 3am), but I really really didn't want to be working a case tonight.

At least the money can go towards paying off my Japan bills! My delicious, delicious Japan bills. Nothing says "AMERICA" like going on an extravagant vacation during a recession, right?!?

The short trip report is, I had a GREAT time and I hope everyone else did too and I love Minako-chan to itty bitty crumbly pieces. <3 <3 <3 It's tough to be back... but it IS nice to have my mattress and comfy pillows. XD And I have a lot of work to do if we want to publish by Winter Comiket 2010! (I really want to rewatch Genshiken now. ^_^)
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It's 4 a.m., I'm still at work, and I had some Nerds Halloween candy for the first time in years :D

I don't know if I'll be up for hardcore partying tonight, but we'll see. Sorry. :P

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(no subject)

Oh dear! I had another donor last night, so I've gotten very little cleaning done at my house. T_T But I did manage to sew two cute new dresses for Greece tonight, with Lauren's help of course, so that's a big step forward! :)

I need to do a little shopping, then do laundry, then pack. And get some bunny noms. Doki doki!

It looks like some dates are set for my work trips, and it's a bit of a doozy. At this point, I'm scheduled to be out of town November 9th through the 21st, and then be gone again December 1st through 19th. Yikes! (But they're delaying the launch so I can have a New Years vacation, which I'm quite pleased with.) I'm hoping to get to come home halfway through the December trip, 'cause I'll miss you guys! Does anybody know anyone in St Louis? :D

(I'll need to buy a portable sewing machine!! I'll be the coolest girl in the STL Marriott.)

Tomorrow's goal: Get up the guts to ask Boss-Lady what you'll be paid for this! XD
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I have to go back to work in about an hour. This will be a late night, but I get to treat myself to a McDonalds sausage biscuit on the way home!

I'm looking forward to taking the bus to work later on this week. I need to learn the route while the weather's still good so that when the weather is bad, the option is there. :) Actually, I'm looking forward to a lot of things right now. I'm just generally an all-around happy bunny at the moment! My hard work was recognized at my job, my love of my hobby was recognized at a convention, my weight-loss efforts have me wearing jeans smaller than what I wore in high school, I've got an amazing trip with a very special person ♥ just around the corner, the economy is tanking but that must be inversely related to my attitude because I couldn't be much sunnier!

There's just so much out there! ♥
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Streak continues

The cosplay event at Gimme Gimme Pillow Toast was fabulous! Everyone looked so cute. :D I wore my Kujian costume, since it'd been forever and a day. Then the Biblical rain started (I remember saying "It looks like it's letting up" just before the hail began); Josh, Nick, and I hid in the parking garage until it let up a little, when we dashed to the coffee shop. Then it rained more. And more. Sigh. But eventually it stopped and we met back up with everybody, none of whom had drowned <3

I was looking forward to taking stupid photos in the costume, but the rain kinda killed those plans. Next time! :)

We grabbed a late-night snack at Wasabi before I got paged, and now I'm here at work again. (My wig-hair is pretty bad.) I managed to grab a power-nap before I had to come in, so we'll see if that helps or hurts me in the long run.
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The requisite Donor Post

I'm approaching 24 hours straight at the office, minus that beautiful little 15 minutes where I started driving home before I got called back. T_T

It sucks working in a business park now, because none of the food places are open late enough to be of any help. Where can a girl get some food at 2 a.m. around here?!
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There is Science to be Done

This is really fucking creepy.

I'm at work, in our New Lab. We finished (lololol) moving into New Lab yesterday. The movers were still unloading trucks after 7 pm, which is kind of like "Hey bullshit, we actually have SCIENCE TO DO, lives at stake blah blah blah, could you please give me my stuff like we talked about?" but whatever.

Since the Movers were so unorganized and I'm the one on call (got paged at 12:30, that was not enough sleep z_z), I am currently in a huge mouse maze crammed with filing cabinets, freezers, trash cans, boxes boxes boxes, carts full of god-knows-what, and mountains of discarded bubble wrap. (Don't get me wrong, the bubble wrap is great; when I get annoyed I can jump into a pile and pop to my heart's content.)

I don't know where my reagents are, I don't know how to use the new equipment, the movers broke my microscope (REALLY don't know what to do about that one), power outlets don't work, it's kind of a clusterfuck.

It's only made worse by the fact that yes, the lab is as eerie at night as I'd expected. The huge windows (so nice in daylight hours) are now giant one-way mirrors, and anyone who might be outside can see into our fishbowl but I can't see out at all. The LN2 tank tends to make sudden loud noises. Nothing is settled, so alarms keep going off. Creepy.

Anyway, tl;dr None of my Science is where it's supposed to be, it's 4 in the morning, and I'm predictably annoyed. But I just have to hang in there a few more hours and then sleepy time! :D