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there's killing to do

Wow, super past time to update.

Fanime was so Terribad Disappointmentpants, it drained me of my ability to write.

Sleepy Oshawott is Sleepy

Cool things about Fanime:
+Shopping by the glow of smartphones when the power went out at the liquor store.
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Anyway, I debuted two new costumes:
Homura (Madoka Magica)
Boxy costume is boxy.
Sakura (Jade Country Emeraude Variant, Tsubasa)
[Photos by Dustin Leitzel]

In June, we ran the Costume Contest at the first Denver Comic-con.
Glitter glue
It was a totally amazing event! The team behind the convention are all great peoples and I was so happy we could help them. Next year, bigger and better!
Dahlia meets her tattoo
(Also looks like the next one will be the weekend after Fanime, so I have an airtight reason to avoid that con. Yay!)

Becky and Matt came to visit, which was fabulous. <3 We must go eat more great food together soon!

Emily is in Prague for the month, so now I spend most of my time missing her. D:

Here's the stuff I'm working on for Dragon*Con, which is OMG HOW DID IT GET SO CLOSE:
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Also also, my little brother just got engaged. <3 So proud of him! His fiancee seems really nice. He made a comment about me being a bridesmaid. I gave him the stink eye. XD
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Manga, and a recap

I'm sure it surprises NO ONE that I enjoyed the FUCK out of the first volume of Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku. Good heavens, a shoujo Eva with a Daddy-issues-less Shinji doing Zombie Loan Cosplay? I WILL TAKE THAT, SIR. I alternatively love and hate the translation (Hate: Toji's accent. Are you kidding me? Love: They called Rei "emo". THIS IS 2003 AND I AM INTO IT.) but am glad I don't have to figure out Kaworu's rambling World Tree nonsense on my own.

(Also, Kaworu <3)

So Anyway. I think I've recovered from my Convention Exploits from the beginning of the month... Dragon*Con was a blast, it was crowded and crazy and a lovely little vacay; NDK was also crowded and crazy and much loves to everyone for a great birthday party. <3 I was too tuckered out for karaoke, many apologies... so we really must do a make-up!


The printed tickets just showed up in my mailbox, actually, so they're sitting on my mantle next to my pretentious Moyashimon art and my Saree-Sakura decorative ball. SO WHEN I FORGET WHERE I PUT THEM, REMIND ME THEY ARE ON THE MANTLE. On the helpful advice of my Cali friends, I booked us a hotel room at the Renaissance next to the concert venue, so NOTHING WILL BE BETWEEN ME AND LUNA SEA. NOTHING.

I've been on an All-Luna-Sea Diet for the past two weeks, and that probably won't let up anytime soon. I just, can't. Ahhhhhh. XD I'm trying to decide what I'll wear... How much of my "Vacation Fund" savings account will I spend on swag? SPOILER: ALL OF IT.
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Let's Being Positive!

Last week was rough... found out I was going BACK to Philly for another week later this month. I was so melodramatically depressed about this I had to take a day off work to chill. SO! Rather than focus on the bad, I'm bullet-pointing happy things to get me through the rest of the month!

Things I am looking forward to about PHILADELPHIA:
*Earning more Marriott points! There's another free night stored away for the future~~
*Crepes! I will be working the evening/night shift mostly, so I can stop by the Reading Terminal Market before I go in. That means delicious food like crepes and Amish pretzels and chocolates shaped like the Liberty Bell! (Disclaimer: I have not actually eaten any chocolate shaped like the Liberty Bell.)
*Helping people! Because I really do love my job and I want the new lab to be successful and go on to save many lives.

Things I am looking forward to about DRAGON*CON:
*The Akira exhibit! Akira (along with Aa Megamisama) was the manga that taught me how to read manga. Why are the word bubbles placed so oddly? Who the hell is talking? What is that droplet thing on Kaneda's head? Why is it all in black and white? Unlike most of the nerds of our generation, Minako-chan and I took a long time to see the movie, partially because we were CHOU IN LOVE with Iwata Mitsuo and Sasaki Nozomu at the time (greeeeeeeenwooooooood) and refused to watch the movie dubbed. It was challenging to find in Japanese. Anyway, this is still some of the finest hand-drawn animation ever and I should totally go buy the Blu-Ray right now (even if I don't have a Blu-Ray player lol, I will just spin it quickly on my finger).
*Swell guest list! I don't think there are any autographs I need (Minako-chan, please correct me if I'm wrong!) but there's a whole slew of cool people and I look forward to seeing them. Am I going to try to poop out a True Blood costume just because...? Maybe!
*Food! I love Ninfas, Margaritas and Mexican food are the best way to cool off in Hotlanta. The Diner is always interesting, with its weird crowd and giant slices of cake. And I wish all conventions had a Peachtree equivalent.
And most of all,
*ROLLING WITH MY LADIES because I cannot wait to laze around with my kickass roomies and drink and enjoy sweet vacation.

Things I am looking forward to about NDK:
*Turning AWESOMELY OLD! My birthday is Sunday the 12th. Crazy! :D Party announcement soon!
*New costumes! I've been working hard on new outfits and I'm excited to debut them. ... and hang out in the bar. :D Or maybe playing Rock Band, who knows!
*Shopping! Fingers crossed for stupid Letter Bee tie-ins! [crosses fingers]
*.... neat guests? NDK has really wowed me with some droolworthy seiyuu and artist guests, and I really hope they do it again! :D
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Going off list

I just bought a dress for Dragon*Con, lol.

I wanted something else to wear, but couldn't find anything that I liked AND could make in a month.

So I went waaaaaay back into the Cosplay Dream List for...
Geneticists are Hot
...my favorite Evil Geneticist, Mimegumi Teu from MPD Psycho.

If I were an Evil Geneticist instead of just a regular-old one, I'd totally wear dresses like that all the time.

By being lazy and just buying a base dress, I think I can get it done. ;) I just need to add the butterfly cutout, put in a WICKED slit, make some gloves, and go shoe shopping. (I've had the hat for, seriously, years.)

I'm kind of excited! It's totally unrecognizable, but I think it'll be fun to wear and DRINK MARTINIS. :D