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i heart mwu and he hearts me



And it's NOT BL!

It's set in an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL!


[cough cough]
Sorry, anyway, The Witch in Raspberry Field, by Miyagi Tooko.

It's very cute. And has a running gag about being burned at the stake, which is super black humor for a moe girl story.

OH, also also, I bought myself a "Good Job in Philly" reward:

Volks' Hijikata doll. He's really tall. #@_@# Yay frivilous purchases!
Sandwich Day

You will not believe this!

I wrote a new manga review!

Doukyusei by Nakamura Asumiko.

Highlights of the series include Kusakabe's awesome hair, "I don't know that kanji, was the operation successful or not" panic, birthday present related rage, and a chapter titled (in English) "Shall we go to buy a mitten".

zazie likes kitties

New Year's

Good morning! Mina and I got up at the (painful) hour of 4 am to get her to the airport to fly back to her parents (before she flies back to Japan) so I'm at work extra early.

I'm pretty damned tired (5 hours of sleep is not so hot anyways, and I didn't sleep well 'cause it's sad to say goodbye T_T) so I'm not sure how long I'll stick it out. (Starbucks run is imminent.)

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's! I had a wonderful nostalgic holiday and I'm ready to dive into 2008.

The resolutions:
*Get my CHS
This is the biggie. I will have 5 years of immunogenetics experience come August, so I can take the next level exam in September. Currently I am a Certified Histocompatibility Technologist, and this test will make me a Specialist. It's a high-level certification, the highest I'll achieve without a doctorate. So I definitely want it, and the associated pay raise. $_$ I have lots of studying to do.
*Tend the Gakuen
New Year's started with an unpleasant surprise in the form of our site being hijacked and turned into a portal for pharm stuff. Eep. This is a wake-up call, because I've ignored the Gakuen for long periods of time now and that's sad. I should at least write reviews for Aqua House, there's no excuse for me ignoring that one. >_< Easy goal: change password more often. Tougher goal: become famous for more than just my scathing review of Wild Rock.
*Keep running
2007 started with a lot of parfaits and a lot of sedentary behavior that caused said parfaits to stick with me for months. 2008 started with good food (white chocolate cake + deep seiyuu talk = The Happiest Mako-chan T-T) but will not see me lazing around as much. I've kept a healthy schedule for a few months now (blizzards excluded) so I want to keep my momentum.
*Use More Vacation Time
Since I've started work, I've only used my PTO for conventions and trips to Japan. I need to head to Texas to visit my extended family; I should also try to plan for a day off here and there BEFORE I get burnt out and miserable. And the big one for '08 will be planning a vacation in Europe with Minako-chan, 'cause it's time to see something awesome and new (and by "new", I mean hundreds of years old).

With that, the sun is just starting to peek out, so I should get to signing out some reports. Have a good day, everybody! :)


Lauren left her folder of song numbers at Karaoke last week, so I dropped by tonight to pick it up. The guy behind the counter couldn't find it, but while he was rummaging through stuff, I saw this:


Somebody left their song lyrics printout behind. Their Gackt song lyrics printout. Minako-chan's Gackt song lyrics printout. Tee-hee! Somebody at the same karaoke place we visit was singing lyrics translated by my Japanese Girlfriend. Nobody does it as well as Minako-chan! XD
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The Gakuen now has FIVE GIGS OF WEBSPACE. 5 gigs? That's bigger than the size of the hard drive that I first designed the website on. No lie! I was happy with 200MB, and then it doubled to 400MB at some point, and now it's FIVE GIGS. 150 gigs of transfer a month.

I think I need to go lie down.

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