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Animeland Wasabi 2010 Report!

Friday, I packed up my stuff and headed to the Courtyard Marriott. The con was at the Red Lion next door, but I ONLY STAY AT MARRIOTTS (this is not really a joke).

Dahlia and Bev were rocking out on Cosplay Sign-up, which gave me time to change my mind about what I was going to wear like 3 times and eventually put on Gauche.
Gauche Suede (Letter Bee)
As Ringo has said, I will probably wear Gauche to every con until I die. Yup.

Anyway, full adventures under the cut!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

minakokouchou here, hijacking Mako-chan's livejournal to wish her a very merry birthday!! I considered changing her entire journal to something in neon orange, but then I realized that most people would probably read this through their friends lists, so I'll provide my annoying birthday wishes like this instead:

Happy Birthday Mako-chan!!!

Congrats on surviving another year. Miss you lots! Kiss kiss! Hug hug!!
zazie likes kitties

Meet BQ!

Afraid for the life of PQ, my sweet college computer living in the basement, I bought a new computer last week. His name is BQ, he's sleek and black and scary fast. PQ didn't have a CD burner; BQ has a 16x dual-layer DVD writable drive. I think I skipped a few steps there. o_O

(VS Knight Lamune & 40 Fire? Anyone? Anyone? Integral's with me! God, I loved that show.)

Anyway, I should be getting cable internet next week, so maybe there will actually be some Gakuen updates! I know, I'm shocked too. XD I desperately need to update the G-Defend site, it's missing literally dozens of major characters. o_o

While looking up the Il gatto sul G. casting, I ended up on the Japanese wikipedia entry for Fushigi Yuugi. (Mina knows how that happened.) It started in 1992? I just vomited a little in my mouth. God, I'm getting old...