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Big black ball

Last night Dahlia and I watched the world premiere of the movie version of Gantz.

I was worried there would be a lot of people, so I showed up an hour early. This was totally unnecessary, as the theater eventually had about 20 people in it. Dahlia was very kind not to poke fun at me for this.

She sat down, and looked at me very seriously as she said "I have a confession. I've never read the manga or watched the anime."
I laughed, because I hadn't either.

All I knew about this movie going in was
B) Nino-kun.

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At the end, Nino asked for everyone to come see part II, and said he and Mat-chan would endeavor to speak more English next time. "But if it doesn't work out... gomen ne~? ♥" and I swear you could HEAR THE HEART MARK.

Nino: "That photo in the old album was actually me. I was around 12."
Me: "Oh god. I think I remember when he was 12."
Dahlia: "... ... and now you're on a list."
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Manga, and a recap

I'm sure it surprises NO ONE that I enjoyed the FUCK out of the first volume of Evangelion Gakuen Datenroku. Good heavens, a shoujo Eva with a Daddy-issues-less Shinji doing Zombie Loan Cosplay? I WILL TAKE THAT, SIR. I alternatively love and hate the translation (Hate: Toji's accent. Are you kidding me? Love: They called Rei "emo". THIS IS 2003 AND I AM INTO IT.) but am glad I don't have to figure out Kaworu's rambling World Tree nonsense on my own.

(Also, Kaworu <3)

So Anyway. I think I've recovered from my Convention Exploits from the beginning of the month... Dragon*Con was a blast, it was crowded and crazy and a lovely little vacay; NDK was also crowded and crazy and much loves to everyone for a great birthday party. <3 I was too tuckered out for karaoke, many apologies... so we really must do a make-up!


The printed tickets just showed up in my mailbox, actually, so they're sitting on my mantle next to my pretentious Moyashimon art and my Saree-Sakura decorative ball. SO WHEN I FORGET WHERE I PUT THEM, REMIND ME THEY ARE ON THE MANTLE. On the helpful advice of my Cali friends, I booked us a hotel room at the Renaissance next to the concert venue, so NOTHING WILL BE BETWEEN ME AND LUNA SEA. NOTHING.

I've been on an All-Luna-Sea Diet for the past two weeks, and that probably won't let up anytime soon. I just, can't. Ahhhhhh. XD I'm trying to decide what I'll wear... How much of my "Vacation Fund" savings account will I spend on swag? SPOILER: ALL OF IT.
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It's the little things

Asada-sensei did an artprint of poet Nakahara Chuya a little while back, and I was heartbroken because all I could find was a teeny thumbnail of it. Fortunately, Shueisha took pity on me, and posted it up in wallpaper form. I would give my left arm for that piece.

He also did the new cover for Night on the Galactic Railroad. I've always assumed Gauche was named after another Miyazawa Kenji work, Gauche the Cellist, so I find this quite sweet. (Also, it's a beautiful cover. I am THAT GIRL and will probably buy a novel I cannot read for that cover. ... you have won this round, shueisha.)

Work continues to be stupid busy, but it's okay. Soon I will have TOKIMEMO GS3 to soothe my soul even when I'm working at 2 in the morning. YESSSSSSSS i love you minako-chan
i heart mwu and he hearts me



And it's NOT BL!

It's set in an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL!


[cough cough]
Sorry, anyway, The Witch in Raspberry Field, by Miyagi Tooko.

It's very cute. And has a running gag about being burned at the stake, which is super black humor for a moe girl story.

OH, also also, I bought myself a "Good Job in Philly" reward:

Volks' Hijikata doll. He's really tall. #@_@# Yay frivilous purchases!
Sandwich Day

You will not believe this!

I wrote a new manga review!

Doukyusei by Nakamura Asumiko.

Highlights of the series include Kusakabe's awesome hair, "I don't know that kanji, was the operation successful or not" panic, birthday present related rage, and a chapter titled (in English) "Shall we go to buy a mitten".

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(In other news, there was a good reason for all the Tegamibachi filler, as they're doing a second season in the fall. Waaaaaai! Unfortunately, I have a feeling they'll end season 1 with "Tears, tears, tears" and I will SLIT MY WRISTS. Also, do I need the video game? Geeeeh, I don't want to buy a PSP... geeeehhhh....)
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... Asada Hiroyuki-sensei is excited because one of the Tegamibachi guest seiyuu is the dad on Ugly Betty.

This means he watches Ugly Betty.

(Also, Dharma and Greg.)

I find this amazing! How cute are you, Sensei! (And yes, I stalk his blog. Staaaaalkeeeeer.)

Plus, Yami no Matsuei's coming back. Do you think they edited out the "NGYUUU WHAT THE HELL, MATSUSHITA-SENSEI, THIS MAGAZINE IS FOR TEENS" bits? Because all I remember is being grossed out, and then pouring bleach on my eyes. I hope the tentacle scenes have been replaced with Cheery Romps through Sunlit Gardens with Bunnies and Kittens.

Okay, random post over; I'm off to Philadelphia again in a few hours! Love you guys, see you in a couple weeks. <3
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I watched the Tegamibachi ("Letter Bee") anime special last night, and loved it ♥

This surprises no one, I'm sure, because I heart the manga so much that anything vaguely letter and/or bee related makes me giddy with delight. But honestly, it was a good little special and they'd better give me a TV series. (I want those character sketches SO BAD.)

The art direction was all over the place. The director couldn't seem to decide if he wanted to go for a 2-D Storybook feel, or a dimly-lit gloomy feel, or a sweeping-landscape-dreamworld feel. (The almost compulsive need to identify every scene location by name made me laugh.) But that said, I didn't think any of the styles were a total miss. The CG battles look a little silly if the overall vibe is Storybook, but otherwise I liked it. It's German fairytale mixed with classic shounen elements, so I won't fault the staff if it comes out looking a little confused.

I would caution against them using the dimly-lit gloomy feel, because then the comparisons to Fullmetal Alchemist might bury it. (But I loved the look of the firelight scene when Nakata Jouji's character and Lag discuss Gauche's gun, so... well, just run with it either way. ^_^) Aria as a blonde (and relegated to carrying around stacks of papers) IS just Riza Hawkeye with glasses, which is a bit disappointing; I look forward to some of her flashback stuff.

I bet the audition process for Lag was awesome. "Can you yell and cry? Can you fight and cry? Can you eat and cry? Can you cry in your sleep?" If you don't find his near-constant poro-poro sobbing at least a little endearing, then run away from the series now, because it doesn't get any better. It's one of the reasons Niche is such a great partner for him. And speaking of Niche & Steak, the fansubbers misinterpreted a line about Niche as being about Lag and assumed he was a girl ;^_^ and granted, he's young and Miyuki-chan plays him with a higher voice (and he cries a lot), but Lag is a boy. ...Now I have that Always Sunny song in my head again.

I still totally want a bedazzler-ed sawed-off shotgun. And shiny Bee hat. Okay, let's just assume cosplay is inevitable. XD

I leave for St Louis again on Monday, for another two week stint. It's cold and sunless there, but the hotel is nice and they do the dishes for me. But before all that, delicious turkey! Have a nice Thanksgiving, US FL, and a pleasant Thursday to the rest of you! <3


Yesterday was cold and snowy and yuck, so I stayed inside all day. This sucked because instead of awesome birthday dinner with Teca-chan, I was doing laundry. >_< I'll buy you dinner later, honey! But at least now I have 12 pairs of clean scrubs. All navy blue. Blecch.

But check out my Christmas present to myself, an overly large new television <3
Fancy TV time
The story behind this is complicated, and if I let Nick tell it, it will be 18 pages long, so here's the bullet version:
*I wangsted over choosing my TV for months. Pretty much since I moved into my house.
*I finally chose a 40 inch 720 Bravia LCD on a nice sale.
*Buy it, get it home, see that they gave me the top-of-the-line 1080p Bravia, which is at least $700 more than the one I paid for.
*Go back to store the next day, say "HEY IDIOTS you gave me a MUCH nicer TV than what I bought, how you gonna fix this?"
*They sell Nick the 1080p TV for cheap (since 1, I'm kind enough to tell them they screwed up, but not kind enough to haul the incorrect TV back to their store, and 2, they would have had to sell it as open-box anyway) and I got my correct TV.

And it's very very pretty! ^_^ I really hope the kid who brought out the TV doesn't get in trouble, he seemed nice. T_T There's a bigger problem than just some stockroom kid's bad eyesight if he can bring out the incorrect $2200 TV without any bells going off.

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It was so gorgeous and warm outside today. And now it's snowing, and I am sad. T__T

Ringo-chan spent the night last night so we could get up bright and early and hit the big fabric sale at Wesco. <3 I got a crap-ton of a pretty black moire with a few possible projects in mind (you can never have too much fancy black, that's for damned sure) and a couple different kinds of dusty pink/lilac (with no particular use immediately apparent).

What I really, REALLY need to do is organize the Room of Shame. Honestly, I don't even know what I've got in here anymore. Shelving, ahoy!

We also picked out my Halloween costume ($4.17; half-off sale at Goodwill FTW), got Teca's measurements for Pattern-Master-fun, AND bought some bunny supplies, so all in all it was a very productive day.

I'm currently reading G-Defend volume 31. 31. When I set up my website, there were 12 volumes. o_o For a light-hearted manga about an anti-terrorism squad, it continues to entertain, but HOLY DAMMIT CHRISTMAS, 31 VOLUMES. I wonder if there are enough characters to populate their own Suikoden game yet...?