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Fanime Con Report

Super long long report! Man, I just won't shut up! Also, image heavy! The creepers have warned you!
Creepers gonna creep

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... That was a lot of photos of alcoholism. Well, it sure was a good time, and I miss everyone already~~ and looking forward to Dragon*Con big time! <3
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Anime letter time

Dear Valkyria Chronicles Episode 18,


Me (;_;)

P.S. I demand Angst-Free Welkin back NOW. Angsty Welkin is DULL.

I cried, but I still managed to laugh at the opener, because "I'M A FUCKIN' BADASS MOTORCYCLE FALDIO" makes me laugh EVERY DAMNED TIME. ... I think I'm going to go watch it again to cheer myself up. ... Yup, still funny!

Anyway, they've got a lot to cover in 8 episodes. Good luck, Valkyria! That Empire isn't going to wipe itself out, y'know!

Isara costume is coming along. Jacket is almost done, skirt needs stripes and a hem, and then about 30,000 accessories left to go. ... eek.
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Continental breakfast

Okay, this time with feeling.

I'm in St Louis. And this will be the last time, really. A few weeks out here and then done. Really. Really really.

(They gave me a promotion at work last week, which dulls the pain a little bit. #^_^#)

I bought American Gods to read on the plane, and it's very good so far. I'm a mythology nerd.

It's unwieldy to bring Shiro-chan (the sewing machine) along with me when it isn't Convention Crunch Time, so I brought some hand-sewing projects instead... mostly weird vinyl pieces for Miharu. I plan to hit the knitting store by the office this week for yarn to crochet a Darcsen poncho. (We'll see how that goes, I've never crocheted a piece that big, but I think it'd look oh-so nifty.)

So, let's get this project over with already! [fiery eyes]