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Chopping block

Time for the hair to go again. It's past 10 inches (barely! ogod it's gonna be short! see userpic), so I can donate it. I'm too impatient to have it gone for summer to wait another couple months for it to grow. But when your hair is this long, it seems a shame not to put it to better use than a trash can. ^_^ The flatiron will be my best friend soon!

This is probably the best review of Castle Shikigami III that will be written (Burger King coupons! Sweet lord yes!). Because he's right, we all just wanted really, really horrible dialogue. Someday (as the English-speaking world's resident expert on Shiki2, and I doubt anyone will fight me for the title) I will create my ShikiWiki to enlighten the internet as to what's actually going on and why I swear it makes... some... sense. Except Roger's crossdressing, because that's just plain old awesome (and probably just Ueda Yuuji being spazzy).

Introvert powers, activate!

Colorado was in excellent form this weekend, with a gorgeous 74 degrees on Saturday, followed by 5 inches of blowing snow on Sunday. That's not good for anyone's health...

Unfortunately, the blizzard conditions meant it was best to postpone my photoshoot with Digital Dreams and Shock Value, sad face, but it looks like they got some amazing photos out of their collaboration on Saturday, so I can't wait to see more of those! :) But the upside was, I had a super-awesome Sunday of alone-time and productivity. XD I was in my pajamas all day! Score!!

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Besides sitting around playing love sims, I watched some Kyou Kara Maoh (which is NOT a love sim, despite its best efforts) while sewing for Wasabi. KKM has gotten so good again! I'm approaching the end of the second season, and the guys all heading to Earth together had me absolutely rolling. I was laughing so hard, I had to pause the video at the kiddie pool scene, no lie. Sure the quest stuff is interesting, and the angsty stuff is probably necessary, but this kind of comedy is really what makes KKM great.

But late last night, I finished this:
Tsubasa: Tokyo, in progress
But now I have to tear up the bottom and stain it, which will be sort of depressing because I think I did a fine job on it. ;_; I'm cosplaying Arashi, from the inexplicably flipped teams in Tsubasa. Figuring out a good way to do the hood was a bit annoying x_x But if anyone else wants to join, I've got lots of hints now! :)

I'm anxiously waiting for the phone to ring. o__O please ring, mr phone...

Anyway, need to get up early tomorrow to buy bagels for a department meeting. Remember the bagels, Mako-chan!
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Christmas Eve

Listening to Christmas music (at a delightfully annoying volume) at work today. ^_^ It's KOSI 101, so that means you hear "Feliz Navidad" and "Let It Snow" at least twice an hour, but it's cool. It's the day for it.

I plan to run home after work, change clothes & feed the bunnies, then head to my parent's for Christmas Eve services. I still have 2 presents to wrap, but that shouldn't take long. I kept terrible track of my finances this year... but as long as I can still cover the mortgage, I'm in good shape. ;)

Minako-chan comes to visit in just a few days~~ I'm so excited!! I can't wait to hear all about her family & horde of cute nieces (and how awesome traveling 1st class is). @_@

Video game stuff:
Code Geass! Nick gave me the DS game for Christmas, because nothing says "Christmas Greetings" like "Chibi Terrorists on your Handheld". (But no, srsly, very excited.) My story started with Kallen; if you choose different options at the beginning, maybe it changes? (Like, girl vs boy? Or when Lelouch makes you shoot yourself in the face for answering "Yes, my Lord"?)
Castle Shikigami III! For the WII! That'll be a friggin' nightmare to play. It's supposed to come out in America in the spring, so I'm totally thinking RELEASE PARTY! Can you imagine anything better than storming a poor unsuspecting GameStop (in cosplay, of course) demanding a game that no one has ever heard of nor cares about? OH YEAH. I'll read to you all from the manga, and we can do Dramatic Recitations of lines from the brilliantly shitty dub of ShikigamiII. Whoever can get the farthest without laughing out loud will win prizes.
LOLZ Agarest Senki! Ha ha, ohh, the Moe phenomenon. Just don't pick the girl who gives you cancer! Is the game any good? Who knows, but you can date elf-chicks, which is much more important.

Everybody have a happy holiday tomorrow no matter what your plans are <3
[chu chu chu]
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Shocking Announcement

Castle Shikigami is a GOOD MANGA.

I, too, am floored by this revelation.

(In case you're unfamiliar with it, it's a disgustingly difficult and incomprehensible 3rd-person shooter game with an English dub that makes "All Your Base" look like T.S. Eliot. Yet the manga adaptation has gorgeous art and a plot that's... well, it's not fine art, but it HAS a plot, which is fairly impressive on its own. Mmmmm, it's whetting my appetite for Tournament Fighting again, maybe I'll read some Recca before bedtime. ^_^)

That is all. :) Enjoy your three-day weekend, everyone who gets one!
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I must have picked the wrong girl

I, being the squealy sort of seiyuu fangirl I am, bought the game "Anima Mundi" at Expo. I'm not very far in, but I'm very impressed by their translation. Thumbs up, Hirameki. Now the big question is: will Lauren be allowed to play it? (lol) How "dark" is this "dark ecstasy" of which they speak...?

Anyway, the Hirameki folks were doing a "Buy one get one" deal, so I randomly chose a gen looking title. The dealer sizes me up and tosses a copy of "Amusement Park" in for free too. I'm not sure why he thought that was up my alley, in my red Rozen Maiden bonnet clutching my ManPorn, but I'm always up for a good chuckle at love sims!

... the girl I picked gave me cancer.

Okay, okay, SHE didn't GIVE me cancer, but choosing her path meant suffering through agonizing pain (and a hideously dull story) thanks to an inoperable brain tumor and three months to live. I THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT AN AMUSEMENT PARK. NOT CANCER. [spits] Worse, I couldn't even play the "I've got three months to live, make a man out of me~" card! My character just wandered around passing out every couple of minutes and lamenting his cruel cruel fate. God, surely all the storylines don't end with cancer, right...? Don't pick the cancer girl, people. She's cute, but... c'mon, it's cancer.

(Expo babblings later, maybe.)