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On Monday, I asked my employees
"Is there a term for that feeling when you want to cry and vomit at the same time?"
J-chan, without missing a beat: "Cromit".

(It's become quite popular around the lab.)

Tomorrow I may present them with
"Is there a term for being very upset that you're missing your movie date to see X-Men because you're stuck doing work in a genetics lab, and then realizing that's sort of ironic?"
and see what they come up with.

Also, if anyone knows how I can get James McAvoy to recite genomic sequences to me for a while, that'd be swell. Thanks.

3 Nice Things, and 1 Depressing One

First, the Bad:
I just called United and cancelled my trip to Tokyo.
There are a lot of reasons to cancel, and one obvious reason I wanted to go anyway.
But it's done. There will be other times.

Minako-chan, you hang in there, tough girl.

Now, the Better:
I was officially promoted to supervisor today. Hopefully, this will be a great step for my career, although one I was hesitant to make. Still gotta be on call, though. Darn. ;)

I bought the bunnies a new home today, since they've been displaced by the kitchen remodel. They'll now be crashing in Kaoru's bathroom, in the Room of Shame. This must inspire me to keep the RoS tidier so they can hop around without disappearing into piles of fabric. My only real concern is training Kenken to use a ramp up to their house, since he's just so preciously dumb.

And Gundam Fridge now has a new door to replace the scratched one! These deliverymen were much, MUCH more conscientious than the first crew. I appreciated it a lot, I'll call the store and compliment them.

Now, I'm going to go have a glass of wine and a hot bath (and hopefully not eat a pint of Depression Ice Cream, but no promises).
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(no subject)

Oh dear! I had another donor last night, so I've gotten very little cleaning done at my house. T_T But I did manage to sew two cute new dresses for Greece tonight, with Lauren's help of course, so that's a big step forward! :)

I need to do a little shopping, then do laundry, then pack. And get some bunny noms. Doki doki!

It looks like some dates are set for my work trips, and it's a bit of a doozy. At this point, I'm scheduled to be out of town November 9th through the 21st, and then be gone again December 1st through 19th. Yikes! (But they're delaying the launch so I can have a New Years vacation, which I'm quite pleased with.) I'm hoping to get to come home halfway through the December trip, 'cause I'll miss you guys! Does anybody know anyone in St Louis? :D

(I'll need to buy a portable sewing machine!! I'll be the coolest girl in the STL Marriott.)

Tomorrow's goal: Get up the guts to ask Boss-Lady what you'll be paid for this! XD
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Today is my 5-year anniversary at work!

In 5 years, I have given a lot of people organ transplants. Likewise, many bone marrow transplants, and I've rejoiced when I watched it go well. Felt sorrow when I saw transplant turning to relapse. Sought the best homes for the last gift of the deceased.

I've learned a lot, taught a lot, hated the job, loved the job, and still don't know where I stand other than to say I now truly know I love genetics as much as I did from my first Punnett Square and this field is where I belong.

Less introspective:
I take my 5-year certification exam next month. It was one of my Resolutions for 2008, since it comes with a promotion and (what had better be spectacular) pay increase, so I'll be studying up. Also, my PTO accrual rate goes up another 3 days a year. Adventure! :D
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Headin' out to Californie, to find me sum internet

Work today was made interesting when one of our new neighbors dug too deeply and damaged the Qwest lines heading up to our office.

From about 8:30 to 2:30, no internet. This is BAD, of course, made considerably worse in that we 1) have shiny new VOIP phones which DO NOT WORK and no clients can call us, and 2) all the shared drives (full of delicious helpful science info) also died. It was a wee bit challenging to get work done. Thankfully, no donors, because then I would have had to hook a Blackberry up to a laptop and pray.

At the moment, I'm having some Adventures in Well-Disciplined Seamstressing. If there's not much to the outfit besides a suit jacket, that suit jacket had better be pretty damned fine <3

Oh, and short hair is short. I love it, the stylist was great. Now I have a ziploc-baggie full of hair to mail off, lol...
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Sleepy ._.

I'm at work today, and will be at work all day tomorrow too. We're moving locations on Monday, so we must pack like rabid bunnies. This is a huge pain-in-the-ass when all your equipment must be checked in/out and constantly temperature monitored and blah. >_< Anyway, today I'm signing out the last reports before the move, tomorrow will be THROWING THINGS IN BOXES OMG. In an, um, organized manner.

Upside, I should get next Friday off for my efforts. Yay *\(^_^)/* And I have a cupcake for breakfast. Double yay.

Last night we went to the symphony, and it was very nostalgic to be at Boetcher. I spent Thursday night making a gathered skirt out of some wafu fabric I bought in Japan, and the Symphony "regulars" just loved our outfits. o_o There were more pictures taken of us than I usually get in cosplay. Wow.

(The drunk guys downtown also seemed to "appreciate" our outfits. Gee, thanks Drunk Guys. If we didn't jump in your cab after the first THREE catcalls, what makes you think the 4th will be the one?)
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I left laundry in the dryer

Oh, but this donor case is sad. Every case is sad, and know that I say that with all sincerity and respect. It's been a while since I sat around at 3 a.m. thinking about mortality and I can't say I'm liking it, so let's bring on the trivial stuff.

I got a new cell phone (that's pretty trivial!), since my 2 years was up with Verizon. It's a green LG enV and I'm really liking it so far. I still prefer flip phones, but the enV has a 2 megapixel camera and full keypad (for very cheap) which totally won me over. The speakers seem really good too. I need to get some expandable memory for it, so I can take more stupid photos <3

Did a little home improvement over the weekend... my parents redid their kitchen not too long ago, so I inherited their old sink. (Mine had a couple chips in it.) It took a bit more work than expected, but the new sink looks gorgeous and I love my new brushed-nickel faucets. Next up: light fixtures! And shelves, of course.

My Okita doll is in transit to my house as we speak! He departed from the Osaka airport on the 7th, so I'm sure he's fighting his way through customs at the moment. I brought some doll clothes to sew during my breaks tonight, but I think that was a bit ambitious because I'm way too tired for that. But I just finished some (probably ill-advised) gene-sequencing, proving that I actually CAN do genetic testing in my sleep. ;)

[sigh] Okay, no progress at work; still waiting around for decisions from surgeons... >_< I'm totally stopping for a horrible McDonald's breakfast (thus more than negating my excellent run) when I get out of here. :D
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(no subject)

I'm sad today. My boss retired last week, and this was his last day. He left without saying goodbye because he didn't want us to start crying. (I sobbed the entire way through my review with him last week, so I can't really blame him.) I didn't really cry when Boss-Lady left 2 years ago, and I loved her. It's mostly a stress thing, I guess.

Unfortunately, my cos-checklists aren't cleared, but I hope I can knock this stuff out quick.
*Put gems on necklace
*Put gems on belt
*Put gems on shoes (BLIIIING)
*Cut bangs
*Rip up coat hem
*Sew up cuffs
*Make patch
*Style wig
*Rip up coat hem
*Make patch
*Attach straps to holster

(IMHO) The Tsubasa coats look really cool. I painted the stains on the bottoms last night, and it's a nice color... not too "I just rolled in the Blood of Innocents" bright-red, more "I've been working on my motorbike, and got some acid-rain-mud on my clothes, and oh yeah, happened to get a little Blood of Innocents on there along the way." It's like, Secondary Transfer Blood of Innocents.

I think I'm going to name my next Rock Band that.

See you guys tonight or tomorrow, yay! :)
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At work

Working a donor... had over an hour of warning, which meant I got to grab dinner! Yay dinner! But I'm sad that I'm missing "Death Bed: The Bed that Eats" at Sam & Bev's place. ;_;

I skipped out on choir last night due to personal issues, but I did eat cupcakes at The Shoppe and watch the Project Runway finale (Spoiler: IT'S AWESOME!). Yaaaaaay comfort food and television. XD